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Chengyi Optical, three decades of inspiration

The 30th Anniversary of Cheng Yi Optical Group



Who are we?

We are the family from afar that you continually miss and long for

We are the parents who connected to our children, no matter who we are

We are among the hundreds of millions of ordinary people

What kind of people are we? 

It depends on what kind of people we want to be


Some always lead the charge

Preparing to weather the storm

Some walk from dusk till dawn

Searching for light in darkness and chaos

Some persevere till the last moment

Seeking perfection within the details


Day after day

Some fight for their dreams

Some soldier on along difficult paths

Some dreams can only be realized while awake


After three decades of insistence on quality

We carry the torch of passion for innovation

We journey ahead together hand in hand, defying the obstacles, with eyes on the prize

Our track records speak for themselves

The path ahead has surprises and rewards awaiting 

What seems trivial will turn out to be significant

We believe

The scattered sparkles will focus into the light that illuminates


See that light

We are Chengyi

Chengyi Optics, three decades of inspiration

Craftsmanship that withstands the test of time


Advance and reliable technologies carry us through the years.

But more importantly, we have a group of dedicated partners

who exemplify integrity, professionalism, and innovation

tirelessly striving for excellence in their pursuit of an even better future.


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