Lady’s Cat Eye Acetate Eyeglasses #240100

Cateye Allure

Frame Specs


Frame Type Temple Type Lens Type
Acetate Stainless Steel AC Demo
Groove Type Lens Base
V 4B



Basic Information


Name: Lady’s Cat Eye Acetate Eyeglasses
Model Number: YP240100000000
Gender: Women
Rim: Full Rim
Shape: Cat Eye, Butterfly
Apply to: Adults
Usage: Optical glasses, Reading glasses, Sunglasses
OEM & ODM: Available




Frame size is usually defined by lens width, bridge width and temple length. These values are always displayed in that order, in millimeters.






Flex Hinge 

No more pressure on the sides of head


Adjustable Temple Tip

The temple tips can be adjusted in any

direction for ultimate custom fit


Color Fast

Acetate has rich color effect and fastness



Fashion design with variety of color choices




About the Frame


These cat eye shape acetate frames are the perfect accessory to show your fun side while complementing your favorite outfits. The exaggerated shape brings style and playfulness anywhere you are, even outdoors. The acetate frame material serves as the primary component of the acetate frames, the spring hinges provides both structural support and aesthetic appeal. It is carefully cut and shaped to mimic the distinctive cat eye silhouette, with the outer edges curving upward and the inner corners rounding gracefully.






These glasses feature a cat eye acetate material frame, creating a unique and eye-catching design that combines elegance with a touch of playfulness.


The Frame
The cat eye shape of the frame adds a whimsical and distinctive element to these glasses. It is crafted from high-quality acetate material, which offers a comfortable fit. Additionally, the acetate glasses allows for a wide range of color and pattern options, providing versatility and personalization to suit individual style preferences.


The Shape
The cat eye shape is characterized by its graceful curves and feminine appeal. It resembles the elegant wings of a butterfly, creating a flattering and stylish look. This shape is particularly popular among women who seek to make a fashion statement with their eyewear. The cat eye shape adds a touch of sophistication and a hint of whimsy, making these glasses a standout accessory.


Versatility and Style
The cat eye shaped acetate material frame lends itself well to various fashion choices and occasions. Whether it’s for daily wear or special events, these glasses can effortlessly elevate any outfit. The unique shape draws attention to the wearer’s eyes while adding a fashionable element to their overall look. The versatility of the acetate glasses allows for a wide range of color options, from bold and vibrant hues to subtle and classic tones, ensuring there is a style to suit every individual.


Comfort and Durability
Apart from their appealing design, these glasses prioritize comfort and durability. The durability of the frame ensures that the glasses can withstand the demands of daily use while maintaining their original shape and quality.


In summary, these cat eye acetate glasses offer a unique and fashionable choice for those seeking eyewear that stands out. The elegant curves of the frame, combined with the versatility, create a stylish accessory that complements various outfits and occasions. With their comfortable fit and eye-catching design, these glasses are sure to make a statement and enhance the wearer’s overall look.

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