Prescription Sport Optical Frames #6628200TR

Extremely Light Ideal for Long Time Wearing

Frame Specs


Frame Type Temple Type Lens Type
Swissmade TR90 Co-injected AC Demo
Groove Type Lens Base
V 4B



Basic Information


Name: Prescription Sport Optical Frames
Model Number: A16628200TR00
Gender: Men
Rim: Full Rim
Shape: Square
Apply to: Adults
Usage: Optical glasses, Reading glasses, Sunglasses
OEM & ODM: Available





Frame size is usually defined by lens width, bridge width and temple length. These values are always displayed in that order, in millimeters.







Extremely lightweight & maximum

comfortable for wearing without stress



Flexible in any way, at any time


Super Durable 

Swiss-made Grilamid



Skin-friendly Temples




About the Frame


This sports glasses are designed to protect the eye while playing certain sports. They are made with flexible, lightweight TR90 material.
Swiss-made in TR90 which is an extremely durable material that is unusually flexible and lightweight, providing a very comfortable fit.





TR90 sports glasses are specifically designed to cater to the needs of active individuals and athletes.  Here are the key characteristics of TR90 sports glasses:


Lightweight and Comfortable

TR90 sports eyeglasses are constructed using the lightweight and flexible TR90 material, ensuring a comfortable fit during intense physical activities.  The lightweight nature of TR90 reduces pressure on the nose and ears, allowing for extended periods of wear without discomfort.


Impact Resistance

Sports activities often involve rigorous movements and potential impacts.  TR90 sports glasses are built to withstand impact and provide protection to the eyes.  The material’s high flexibility and durability help absorb shocks, minimizing the risk of frame breakage or lens damage.


Flexibility and Memory Effect

TR90 sports eyeglasses exhibit excellent flexibility, allowing them to bend and twist without losing their shape.  This flexibility contributes to their durability, as they can withstand the demands of sports without easily deforming.  TR90 also has a memory effect, meaning it can return to its original shape after being bent or twisted, ensuring long-term durability.


Moisture and Sweat Resistance

Sports activities often lead to increased perspiration, and TR90 sports eyeglasses are designed to handle this moisture. The material is resistant to moisture, reducing the risk of frames becoming damaged or deteriorating due to sweat or exposure to water.  This feature helps maintain the glasses’ integrity and extends their lifespan.


Enhanced Grip and Stability

TR90 sports eyeglasses often incorporate additional features to enhance grip and stability during physical activities.  These can include rubberized nose pads and temple tips, which provide a secure fit and prevent slippage even when faced with sweat or sudden movements.  This ensures that the glasses stay in place, allowing athletes to focus on their performance without distraction.


In summary, TR90 sports eyeglasses excel in providing lightweight comfort, impact resistance, flexibility, moisture resistance, enhanced grip, and versatile lens options.  With their durable construction and specialized features, TR90 sports glasses are a reliable choice for athletes and individuals engaging in various physical activities, ensuring both eye protection and optimal performance.

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